#8 LiveOps Bundles

In-game events and celebrations can boost player engagement and improve retention rates. However, how can they also drive monetization? You will find the answer in this article about LiveOps bundles. What are LiveOps bundles, and why do you need them? In-game events typically feature leaderboards that award players based on their ranking. Higher rankings result… Continue reading #8 LiveOps Bundles

Balancy Update v4.2.0

Last weekend we released one of the most extensive updates ever made in Balancy. Most of the features are hidden and will be revealed later. In the meantime, I’ll provide additional information about the visual improvements you can already see in the interface. New Tables The latest update introduces hotkeys for fast navigation around tables… Continue reading Balancy Update v4.2.0

The Next Generation of Remote Config: Balancy vs. Firebase

Remote Config technology became widely popular thanks to Firebase, which made it accessible to a broad audience of developers. However, it is far from being the only solution on the market, not to say that it’s far from perfect. This article will reveal why Firebase Remote Config became obsolete and what you can do about… Continue reading The Next Generation of Remote Config: Balancy vs. Firebase

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#2 First Purchase Bonus

You’ve probably heard about ‘starter packs’ and how they magically convert new players into first-time payers. Another effective tactic that can be used with a similar intention is called a ‘first purchase bonus’.  Here we will define what this term means and spy a little on how other developers present such bonuses to players. Read… Continue reading #2 First Purchase Bonus