Balancy updates (May 2024)

Balancy updates May 2024

This post summarizes the latest Balancy updates. These include UI enhancements to make your work with conditions and visual scripting more convenient and the release of new important features, such as push notifications (in beta).

1. Adding items to lists is changed. To improve readability, the green [+] button is removed from lists and conditions. Instead, all available options to work with list items are accessed via the context menu by right-clicking the mouse button. 

Conditions Balancy

2. User profile list parameters conditions. Now, it is possible to use user properties of list type in conditions.

The steps for setting up such conditions would be, in order of the interactable inputs:

  • Select the list you want to look at;
  • Filter only the items you want to look at (using condition);
  • Take a look at what’s left;
  • Check if the leftovers match your criteria (count, any, or each).

For example, the following condition would be read as ‘condition will be true, if among my purchases are more than a 0 of those bigger than 9.99’:

The following condition would be read as ‘condition will be true if among those of my purchases that are bigger than 9.99 is at least one “Gold” item’:

The following condition would be read as ‘condition will be true if all my purchases that are bigger than 9.99 are “Gold” items’:

Filtering condition can be empty, therefore, the meaning of those examples would be changed:

‘condition will be true if I have at least one purchase’:

‘condition will be true if among my purchases there is at least one “Gold” item’:

‘condition will be true if all my purchases are “Gold” items’:

3. Repeat node in visual scripting for creating controlled loops. The new node repeats the body for a given amount of iterations, providing the number of the current iteration. Below the example of usage for the repeat node is shown:Visual scripting Balancy

4. Visual scripting support for inventory. New visual scripting nodes were added to support the System.Inventories:

  • Add Items – puts items into inventory;
  • Remove Items – removes items from inventory;
  • Get Item Count – returns the amount of given items in inventory;
  • On Item Count Changed – trigger node for monitoring items count change;
  • Wait Item Count – waiting node for triggering on a given amount of items.

Below, there is an example of practical usage for Get Item Count and Remove Items is shown:

Visual scripting Balancy

5. Loot boxes package update. The Loot Boxes package was updated to provide examples of using scripts for drop item calculations. Based on the recently added Repeat node, it provides inspiration for creating smart loot boxes. Such loot boxes can have a script embedded that will be responsible for all calculations. On the client side, the only thing left to do would be to execute the script to get the reward. Smart loot boxes are opening by themselves.

Visual scripting Balancy lootbox

6. Push notifications in closed beta test. Push notifications are being prepared for release this month. Currently, this feature is in a closed beta test. Please contact our team to learn more and participate in testing.Push notifications Balancy

7. Scripts now remember their zoom and viewport position. Now you will be back to exactly the same state you were upon leaving the script editor.

8. Local time cheating protection. Added a new method (IsTimeSynchronized) for time cheating protection. 

9. The inner parameters of documents can now be used in a custom display format. Like in the following example it is made for Price.Type:

Custom display format Balancy

10. Custom display format can now be used in the document selector modal window. If the custom display format is defined, it will be used when showing names in the list of documents:

Custom display format BalancyCustom display format Balancy

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to evolve and innovate the Balancy platform!