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Balancy has solutions for every stage of your game’s journey. Manage game content remotely, monetize with smart offers, and scale LiveOps to boost LTV.
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Accelerate your game development.
Maximize LTV.

Focus on the creative part of LiveOps while Balancy streamlines content delivery
and helps you make effective decisions resulting in metrics growth.


Content management system

Manage game content and roll out updates without app releases and without burdening your development team. Game designers work in a user-friendly and secure environment protected by a built-in data validation solution.
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Battle Pass
12 Jun 2023, 14:00
18 Jun 2023, 14:00
100 Free Gems Gem X 50
Premium Gems Gem X 100
200 Free Gold Gold X 10
Premium Gold Gold X 50
300 Free Life Life X 1
Premium Life Life X 3
400 Free Bomb Bomb X 1
Premium Bomb Bomb X 3
500 Free Chest Chest X 1
Premium Chest Chest X 3

Soft launch

Monetization engine

Build a powerful monetization system in your game with the flexibility to adjust it over time. Personalization is the key to increasing LTV — and Balancy makes it a breeze for monetization managers to tailor shop, special offers, and ads to different player profiles.
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Game Shop
Box of Gems
Gems Gem X 10
Bag of Gems
Gems Gem X 50
Chest of Gems
Gems Gem X 100


LiveOps suite

Introduce time-limited and seasonal activities to keep players engaged and coming back for more. Balancy is the all-in-one control center that enables you to effortlessly launch new LiveOps events and monitor their performance.
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🗓️ Game Event
Adventure Event — 123.4K users
Tournament Event — 163.7K users
Free Gems Fever — 98.3K users
🎁 Game Offer
Adventure’s Backpack — $31K
Welcome Pack — $23K
💊 A/B Test
Pricing Test — 5.2K users
TBattle Pass Test — 3.1K users
Welcome Pack Test — 78.9K users


Visual scripting

Unlock growth by effortlessly personalizing player experiences. Our unique visual scripting tool empowers product teams to craft and A/B test new monetization and engagement scenarios without burdening the development team.
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Visual Scripting

Development toolkit

Integrate easily into your workflow for a streamlined and efficient process.
Enjoy exclusive perks and valuable features at no extra cost.
SDK or self-hosting
Start in one day via easy and secure SDK integration. Alternatively, opt for self-hosting to align with your enterprise standards.
Secure cloud storage
Safeguard your players’ progress in a secure cloud storage.
Connect Balancy with your BI and MMP fostering unified data exchange for optimal efficiency.
Code generation
Turbocharge your engineering team with automated code generation.
IAP validation
Protect your game from fraud with a robust back-end payment validation.
CDN storage
Enjoy the convenience of our CDN which comes together with the platform for free.

Happy Balancy clients

Lion Games Review Game
Balancy has been great at offering a high level of remote configuration to our games! We leverage it to set up and manage complex LiveOps features with ease. The team's proactive support and collaboration have been instrumental in enhancing the product daily!
Matryoshka Review Game
Balancy gives all the power to operate a live game without burdening the dev team. Our game product team can scale LiveOps super fast now!
Hexacore Review Game
In our merge game, we have a lot of content that needs to be stored, managed, and A/B tested – such as chests, boosters, quests, and more. Balancy streamlines the whole content management workflow for us, saving hours of work and preventing human errors. This is a unique solution on the market and the future of LiveOps in games.
Gear Games Review Game
We’ve migrated to Balancy with a live game from our homegrown solution. While it took some time, it was totally worth it! Now we can easily add new events and offers to the game, and manage our game content effortlessly.
Hot Siberians Review Game
Balancy transformed our approach to monetization experiments, allowing us to explore opportunities that were previously out of reach due to busy pipeline. Thanks to Balancy, our game designers can effortlessly test new ideas and grow metrics without burdening the development team.
Lostctrl Review Game
Balancy grants me superpowers as a game developer.
Now, I alone can handle LiveOps tasks that used to require several programmers. Balancy saves a lot of resources for our team and allows us to focus more on implementing new features for a game rather than tools for it.

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