Increase LTV in your games with Smart LiveOps

Start growing your game today with Special Offers, Game Events, Segmentation, A/B Tests and other great tools by Balancy.

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One-stop shop to run gaming LiveOps

Plan your in-game activities

Scheduled or Triggered Game Events keep your players engaged.

A/B Test everything

Run no-code experiments to find the best campaign, pricing, onboarding, etc.

Launch custom campaigns with ease

Personalize in-game experience, sell personalized Offers, and much more completely remotely.

Develop in a safe & convenient environment

Move all your game data from spreadsheets to Balancy in minutes,   enjoy our convenient UX and built-in data validation.


What our client say about us

Good navigation and simple onboarding
"The migration from our solution to Balancy took some time, but it is totally worth it. Now we can easily add new Offers and quickly find any information we need."
Vasily Vasilev
Lead Analyst, GearGames
Very promising technology
"I was personally advising the development of Balancy Smart Offers system. If you plan to make your game a hit, you have to add LiveOps to it."
Ilya Tumenko
Founder, 10k Riders
Earn more, spending less
"Using Balancy is like adding a very professional engineer to the team. They take care of many things your team would have to implement anyway."
Ivan Orlov
CEO, LightCore Games