Monopoly GO! by Scopely: in-game shop deconstruction

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Hey there! Ever wondered what makes Monopoly Go such a commercial hit? We at Balancy prepared a video tutorial uncovering some secrets behind its effectively structured in-game shop.

About the game

Monopoly GO! is a social casino game with a dice-rolling core gameplay and additional build, attack/steal mechanics. The game swiftly claimed the top spot as the number one board game in the mobile gaming world. Within a mere seven months following its release, it raked in an astonishing revenue of over a billion dollars – a milestone that other successful games wait for years to achieve.

Despite controversies regarding its actual success and debates over its non-profitable user acquisition strategy, Monopoly GO remains a fantastic example of a well-structured game shop. It excels in encouraging first-time purchases and effectively upselling to paying players. That’s precisely why we’ve chosen to create a video tutorial highlighting its monetization template.

Video tutorial

In this video, we’re going to deconstruct some tricks behind the shop inside Monopoly Go that’s making it successful. We’ll explain how it works and even show you how to create a similar shopping experience for players using Balancy tools.

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