Balancy updates (June 2024)

Balancy updates June 2024

While the Balancy development team is hard at work on the highly anticipated branches & versioning feature, we also delivered several quality-of-life improvements in June.

1. Improved overrides and A/B tests. Now it is possible to override and A/B test internal parameters of injected components, but not such a component as a whole. Note: you still cannot override parameters that are lists of injected components.

For injected components, all parameters available for override are accessible via a dropdown list:

Updates june 2024

2. Clickable column titles. Parameter names in column headers in table views are now clickable, leading to parameter definitions inside the document template.

As in the following example, clicking the link will open the template’s page:

Updates june 2024

3. Updated layout for push notifications. On the push notifications page, the condition field is made bigger to fit wider conditions. Now it looks like this:

Updates june 2024

4. Platform-related debugging. We’ve added a new setting – AppPlatform – to the plugin for platform-related debugging. Now you can specify the target platform, so conditions will work as intended even while running in Unity.

5. Improved list nodes. For visual scripting list nodes, we’ve improved logic to allow working with list parameters from user profiles. 

As an example, for each node:

Updates june 2024

6. New place for daily bonus. We’ve placed daily bonus as a proper LiveOps section of the navigation panel for better feature discovery. Now it is here:

Daily bonus

7. Introducing redirections. Sometimes, you need to make a production build but use the game balance from the staging environment. For example, during store review or for partial rollout. 

So, until we release branches and versioning functionality (similar to Git), you can use redirections to force the game build to download game balance from another environment. 


Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to evolve and innovate the Balancy platform!

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