Merge Miners by Supersonic: LiveOps templates for hyper and hybrid games

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Mastering LiveOps strategies can be a game-changer even for ad monetized hyper and hybrid casual games. In this article, we will explore three LiveOps templates employed by Merge Miners. The video tutorial will show you how to implement these tactics in Balancy.

About the game

Merge Miners (developed by Top Chop and published by Supersonic) is a great example of a hyper-casual game that has used the power of LiveOps to engage and monetize its audience effectively.

The game has a hybrid game economy: it primarily relies on ad revenue, with a few in-app purchases available to remove ads.

In this article, we will explore three successful LiveOps templates that have contributed to Merge Miners’ success, drawing inspiration from Supersonic and their innovations.

Video tutorial

Template #1: Interstitial Ad Strategy

The core principle is to show ads infrequently at the initial stages, specifically every 90 seconds for users up to level 10. As players become more engaged and progress through the levels, the time between ads reduces. By the time players reach level 30, they encounter an ad every 30 seconds.

Implementing this strategy alone has increased D7 ARPU by 25% in Merge Miners.

Template #2: Ad-Focused Chain Offers

Merge Miners ad monetization doesn’t stop at adjusting interstitial ads frequency, they have also mastered the art of ad-focused chain offers. You might be familiar with this type of offers from this blog post. Unlike casual games, hypercasual games can employ the same mechanic, but make it focused on ads instead of in-app purchases.

Template #3: The Wheel of Fortune

Merge Miners provides daily spins for the Wheel of Fortune, offering players the chance to earn free rewards by giving it a whirl. This feature is a nice bonus for players to keep them happy, and it’s also easy to manage from the Balancy admin panel. For a firsthand look at how this works, be sure to watch our video tutorial.

Learning from Merge Miners

Merge Miners demonstrates that even hyper-casual games can employ LiveOps to not only engage their audience but also monetize effectively. By implementing the strategies explored in this article, you can elevate your game’s monetization potential and player engagement.

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