#9 Chain deals

Balancy #9 chain deals

Previously, we delved into various special offers that are used to convert players into single-time purchases. But there is a way to keep players even more engaged and invested in a game – by linking several offers together in a chain. This article will examine how ‘chain deals’ create a sense of progression and reward for players to drive multiple purchases within a game.

What is it, and why do you need it?

A chain deal is a series of offers presented to a user in a sequence. A player must purchase or accept as a gift one offer in the chain before moving on to the next one. Offers in a chain deal can be versatile: from currencies and in-game items to bundles and loot boxes.

One interesting detail about chain deals is that some offers in a chain can be given away for free. Players take these gifts without spending any money at all. By doing so, developers introduce players to the mechanic and expect to get profits in the long run.

How do other games implement such offers?

Let’s see how some well-known games have already implemented this monetization feature.


In this Homescapes example, players are tempted to get a unique decoration for free, but only after they buy two bundles first. You may have noticed that the prices and discounts of these bundles are progressively increasing.

point. The following two offers have equal prices but an increasing value. However, discounts or additional value are not shown here. Showing discounts would be helpful – so don’t miss this opportunity in your games.

Royal Match

Royal Match – what a huge scheme! Six deals in a row. The first two offers give away coins and boosters for free. After that, players unlock only one paid offer (with no discount or value indicated) and then – boom! – three consecutive deals come for free. We’re wondering if such generosity makes sense, so please use your data to do proper research before trying something like that at home. 

Lily’s Garden


Interestingly enough, this chain deal in Lily’s Garden doesn’t offer any free rewards. However the discount is progressive and increases after every purchase, which gives players a motivation to buy more.

Farm Heroes Saga

On the other hand, in Farm Heroes Saga, developers use a free offer as a starting

How to set it up in Balancy?

So, how to create chain deals in Balancy? After watching this short video tutorial, you will realize you are only a few clicks away from integrating this powerful monetization tactic into your game.