6 tips for crafting compelling special offers (by Vikram Khatri, Jetsynthesys)

This is a guest post by Vikram Khatri – a Product Manager at Jetsynthesys.

Vikram is a product manager with a decade of experience in building and expanding mobile gaming products. With a focus on free-to-play games, he is currently involved in the development of Sachin Saga Cricket Champions and on a new tower defense game. He has previously contributed to such popular bubble shooter titles like Frozen Pop, Classic, and Princess Alice.

Unleashing the Power of In-App Purchases: Crafting Compelling Offers for Gaming Success

IAPs offer exciting opportunities for developers to engage players and generate revenue. When it comes to designing a powerful IAP offer, there are several elements you can leverage. Let’s explore them:

💎 Exclusivity: Create a sense of exclusivity by offering items or rewards that players can only obtain through specific in-app purchases. For example, in Pokémon GO limited-time raid battles offer exclusive Legendary Pokémon as rewards.

🎁 Surprise: Add an element of surprise to your in-app purchase offers by providing randomized or unexpected rewards. In Fortnite, players can purchase loot llamas that contain random items, including rare skins, emotes, and weapons. The excitement of discovering valuable items adds surprise to the purchase.

⏰ Urgency: Create a sense of urgency by offering time-limited deals or limited availability items. In Clash Royale, the in-game shop periodically offers special deals with limited availability. Players must act quickly to purchase these exclusive card packs before they disappear.

🤝 Social: Enhance the social aspect of your game by incorporating multiplayer or cooperative elements into your in-app purchase offers. Words with Friends encourages social collaboration with in-game events where players can team up to solve word puzzles and earn rewards together.

🚀 Progression: Link in-app purchases to player progression by offering items or upgrades that help players advance or overcome challenges. In Candy Crush Saga, players can purchase boosters and power-ups to overcome challenging levels and progress faster in the game.

💫 Personalization: Appeal to players’ desire for personalization by offering in-app purchases that allow them to customize their experience. The Sims Mobile allows players to purchase furniture, clothing, and accessories to personalize their virtual homes and avatars, reflecting their unique style and taste.

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