#6 One-time limited-time offers

In one of the previous tutorials, we covered ‘repeatable limited-time offers’. Today we will talk about its sibling tactic – a ‘one-time LTO’, which is also a limited-time offer but is available only once in a player’s lifetime.

What is it, and why do you need it?

During a player’s life in a game, there are a lot of things that happen only once. The first game session, achieving a new level, unlocking a new storyline chapter, and a new stage of VIP progression. That sounds like a reason for a celebration! But how can developers help players celebrate these achievements?

Most games propose buying a bundle with a huge discount only once in a lifetime and with a limited time to purchase. Many powerful components make it work: excitement about success, significant discounts, unique opportunities leading to FOMO (fear of missing out), and time pressure. 

Even though they are not a source of regular income because of their one-time nature, such bundles are an incredible tool for converting players into payers. They are also helpful in improving retention rates because players expect such bundles to appear in similar situations as they progress through the game.

How do other games implement such offers?

Let’s see how some well-known games have already implemented such a feature.

Summoners War

Here is a starter pack for beginners. It lasts for seven days because, after seven days, players are not beginners anymore.

Family Farm Adventure

The developer welcomes players with a special offer of 160%, giving them enough time to decide.

Best Fiends

The developer congratulates players with a ‘champion’s offer’ to celebrate unlocking a new part of the adventure. Players are given a generous discount of 90%, but very little time to use it.

Brawl Stars

Level 5 happens only once. That’s why developers offer a bundle with 5x value and 3 three full days to make up your mind – what a great deal!

Final Fantasy BE: WOTV

Here is an example of a special pack for achieving the next VIP rank: the higher rank, the higher pack’s value. It is a one-time offer, but without time limits to decide. It will always be there waiting, reminding a player about itself in the UI of the VIP system.

How to set it up in Balancy?

So, any issues with creating such offers with Balancy? No way! After watching the following short video, you will realize that you’re just a few clicks away from using this powerful monetization feature.