Balancy update V4.3.16

In this update, the Balancy team focused on the following improvements and features requested by our clients:

  • New feature: instant runtime content updating.
    Now, you can make real-time changes to your game without players needing to restart. Immediate tweaks, seamless gameplay, and a whole new level of engagement.

    Watch this video to see how it works in action. Our CEO Pavel Ignatov is demonstrating how to update your in-game shop in runtime:
  • New Feature: offer attachments.
    Add any documents to the offer, check if the purchase was made with specific attachments, etc.
  • Scrips are now made public, you can add Scripts as parameters to your Documents and execute whenever you need them.
  • Fixed problem with offline launch.
  • GameEvents – GetSecondsBeforeActivation, now you can predict when an event starts.
  • GameEvents are now being reset if it should’ve been ended between players’ sessions.
  • Removed UpdateType.BuiltInFeaturesOnly, now you can only turn the real-time updates off or allow full updates.
  • Fixed a minor problem with Scripts clean up, when they are being destroyed.

Feel free to let us know your feedback and any features you’d like to see in Balancy!