Balancy Update V4.3.6

In this update, the Balancy team focused on the following improvements and features requested by our clients:

  • We have created and published a new 🎟️ Battle Pass 🎟️ template.

    Templates allow you to install and immediately use popular game mechanics in your game in a matter of two clicks. Check our battle pass template here and apply it to your game today!

  • We have reworked the deploy page. Now it gives you a clear and full overview of all the changes that have been made in the game:

  • A quick little trick. Now you can undo/redo changes using a combination of ctrl+z and ctrl+y.
  • Also, we added a possibility to select Addressables groups, which you want to synchronize with Balancy.

Feel free to let us know about your feedback and any features you’d like to see in Balancy – contact