Monopoly Go! Monetization tactics to entice whales (by Alon Tish, Beach Bum)

This is a guest post by Alon Tish – a VIP Account Manager at Beach Bum.

Alon is an experienced VIP Account Manager with a passion for casual gaming. He specializes in developing and implementing retention strategies, leveraging his deep understanding of player behavior and psychological insights to optimize monetization tools and turn them into revenue-generating campaigns.

Monopoly Go’s Monetization Tactics to Entice Whales

In the gaming industry, enticing high-paying users, or whales, is essential for generating revenue. Casual gaming companies are constantly seeking innovative ways to encourage these valuable players to make purchases.

Recently, while playing ‘Monopoly Go’ by Scopely, I discovered a brilliant monetization tactic. Unlike the traditional ‘pick one’ offer, this approach allowed me to purchase all three offers at a discounted price. By adding just 100₪, I could enjoy a deal of a lifetime instead of settling for the best value offer. The catch? ‘Only one purchase can be made’, emphasized beneath the title.

This triggered my competitive instinct, urging me to decide quickly. With a captivating design, a clear call-to-action, and a timer for the sense of urgency, most players would seize the moment.

Another version of the ‘Pick One’ monetization tool includes the use of a decoy offer.

This approach cleverly incorporates locks and highlights only one offer that is valid for purchase, while the other options are effectively decoys. The highlighted offer provides the best value for money by combining goods from the locked deals: a slight reduction in rolls, higher percentage of coins, and the inclusion of two highly rewarding card packs.

The key to this strategy lies in the pricing. When players compare the two locked offers together with a single valid offer, they quickly realize that they are making the best decision without any doubt. 

By tapping into the psychological factors that influence player behavior and purchasing decisions, these strategies offer a significant revenue uplift for casual games. Players derive enjoyment from the feeling of outsmarting the system and making wise choices, making these monetization tools an effective strategy for any game, whether targeting whales or dolphins.

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