Balancy Update V4.2.17

In this update, the Balancy dev team focused on the following improvements and features requested by our clients:

  • Added support for WebGL builds.
  • Added support for Amazon Store.
  • Added a new Visual Scripting node to run your own static methods in C# plugin.
  • Added hotkeys and a toolbar for Visual Scripting.
  • Implemented a new system for managing packages. More updates and nice features related to packages are coming soon.
  • Reworked the functionality for setting up document display format. In the current version, you must check a flag for each parameter you want to use in the display name. With the new system, you can set it up on the template settings page. However, the downside is that you must set up the display format for your templates again.
  • Added the ability to clone only data structures without documents when cloning the game.

And for dark color lovers, we have added:

  • A dark theme, which is wooow!

Feel free to let us know about your feedback and any features you’d like to see in Balancy – contact

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