Balancy update V4.2.12

Visual scripting Balancy

In the latest Balancy update (released on March 6, 2023), we focused on improving your experience with Visual Scripting.

Visual Scripting allows game designers and other roles to change the game’s logic and implement their LiveOps ideas without a line of code. Read more about this feature and its applications in our documentation.


Visual Scripting: a new look and uncomparable flexibility

If you are already a user of our Visual Scripting feature, nothing will dramatically change in how you interact with it. So, don’t worry – you will not have to relearn the tool.

However, this tool’s updated interface will streamline your workflow and make it more convenient to implement the most complex of your ideas. Have a look at this new fancy design:


Here are some scenarios you can easily implement with the Visual Scripting feature:

  • develop the matrix of offers
  • calculate dynamic pricing
  • create different in-game events for different segments of users 

Feel free to let us know how you like the new update and about any other ideas you may have. Write to