Balancy update v4.2.4

Balancy Color Picker

We continue improving your experience on Balancy with the latest update released on February 06, 2023. This update will equip you with one new effective monetization strategy (Offer Groups) and make your LiveOps workflow even faster.

New parameter type in tables: color

Enjoy more customization options in tables with a new parameter type – Color. Now you can work with a convenient Color Picker to set a color for anything you store as items in our Game Balance Editor.


New feature: Offer Groups

A new LiveOps feature called Offer Groups is now available. Offer groups are a series of offers presented to users in a sequence.

The most popular type of offer group is Chain Deals. It implies a player must purchase or accept as a gift one offer in a chain before moving on to the next one. Offers in a chain deal can be versatile, ranging from currencies and in-game items to bundles and loot boxes.

Now you can quickly implement this strategy in Balancy using this template in the interface:


Improved workflow for big components

Our developers have significantly improved the platform’s workflow for big components and data structures. If you plan to work with big components and data structures in Balancy, you will find this update very handy.

Don’t forget to update your SDK and enjoy the experience!

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