#8 LiveOps bundles

LiveOps Bundles

In-game events and celebrations can boost player engagement and improve retention rates. However, how can they also drive monetization? You will find the answer in this article about LiveOps bundles.

What are LiveOps bundles, and why do you need them?

In-game events typically feature leaderboards that award players based on their ranking. Higher rankings result in greater rewards. So, offering extra resources or consumables in LiveOps bundles is a common practice to accelerate players’ progress. 

Offers that are tied to in-game events are always limited in time. Limitation in time comes naturally from the event itself, and the player clearly understands how much time they have left to achieve their goal (complete a challenge, get a reward, etc.)

Follow the best practices and decorate those bundles and offers using the visual theme of the particular event so that the player will see them as an integral part of the overall atmosphere.

How do other games implement LiveOps bundles?

Let’s see how some well-known games have already implemented such a feature.

RAID: Shadow Legends

Here we can see a perfect example of a themed LTO (limited-time offer) during the Chinese New Year in-game event. However, there are no event-specific items, only common resources.

Idle Heroes

In this event, developers offer a special item – Magical Conch – that makes sense only during the event (it gives some extra boost in the challenge). As you can see, the visual theme supports the whole event atmosphere.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

This is an example of a game’s anniversary celebration, where players are offered to purchase a special bundle. This bundle is an LTO that runs for four days.

How to create LiveOps bundles in Balancy?

Can you create such bundles in Balancy? Easily! Here is video tutorial #6, which shows how to create LTOs in Balancy. With this instruction, you can create LiveOps bundles in minutes.

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