Balancy Update v4.2.0

Balancy tables

Last weekend we released one of the most extensive updates ever made in Balancy. Most of the features are hidden and will be revealed later. In the meantime, I’ll provide additional information about the visual improvements you can already see in the interface.

Updated UI/UX in tables

The latest update introduces hotkeys for fast navigation around tables and dramatically improves the overall UI/UX. The new design is intuitive and makes our tables way more efficient and user-friendly than traditional spreadsheets. Game designers can now easily manage and edit game data within Balancy, streamlining their workflow and saving time and effort. This update makes Balancy a go-to tool for game designers, completely replacing the need for spreadsheets.

New feature: Daily Bonus

The latest update introduces a new feature called Daily Bonus. This feature is used in most video games and is a great way to keep players engaged and returning to the game daily. With the integration of daily bonuses into Balancy, game developers can now easily customize and configure daily bonuses for their games in just a few minutes. This feature is designed to be easy to use and requires no additional programming knowledge.

A daily bonus is an in-game reward that players can claim daily. A bonus can be different every day: for example, it can be extra gold, in-game currency, extra life, etc. It helps to keep players engaged and encourages them to return to the game regularly. The daily bonus feature in Balancy is flexible and can be tailored to the specific needs of any game, making it an essential tool for game developers.

Under the hood

While the UI/UX improvements may look like a minor update, the most significant changes happened under the hood. Our team has completely rewritten the engine, which means we will release new features much faster. The same happened with the Unity plugin. We have eliminated all Unity dependencies and are working towards an engine-agnostic solution.