#7 One-time offers and starter packs

Starter packs

Let’s look at FOMO – the fear of missing out. A game mechanic that uses it at maximum volume is a ‘one-time offer’. If this offer is gone, it’s gone. 

What is a one-time offer, and why do you need it?

A player’s first purchase is the hardest to get, but it’s also the most valuable one. One way developers attempt to encourage players to overcome a spending barrier early is with starter bundles or packs – a retailing gambit in which prices are reduced in a limited-time offer for new players. This tactic can drive sales and revenue by encouraging players to purchase before the offer expires.

For all starter bundles, there needs to be some degree of urgency. The player should be aware that this offer will only be available for a while and that they’ll miss out if they don’t use this unique opportunity now. 

Also, speaking about last chances, the option to fix your failed attempt works well and is often used in casual games (almost every single one).

How do other games implement such offers?

Let’s see how some well-known games have already implemented the abovementioned features. These are just a few examples, as implementations are countless.


A player is given two hours to make a decision. But once it’s finished, the offer is gone forever.

Farm Heroes Saga

Starter packs
A curious fact – a player doesn’t even know if this offer will stay for some time or not. There is no timer at all. So should you buy now or miss it forever?

Angry Birds Dream Blast

If you fail a level, the developer makes you a one-time offer to buy extra moves and continue the game.

Cooking Diary

Cooking Diary has a similar case. You are given a one-time offer when you fail a level, so you can continue playing and have another chance to win.

How to create a one-time offer with Balancy?

Sounds promising, but how about creating such offers with Balancy? Easy-peasy! Watch the following short video and realize that you’re only a few clicks away from using these powerful monetization features.

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