#5 Permanent offers in an in-game shop

Is selling premium currency still fun? Not really if it comes alone. Creating bundles and offering currency with other items for added value is proven to be more effective. This article will look into the best practices for creating such offers and how you can add them to your shop today.

What are permanent offers, and why do you need them?

It’s common for permanent offers to come as a pack of currency and several consumables players use during their core gameplay sessions. Some extra resources for meta-gameplay are also good to have. 

Bundles give an excellent chance to highlight discounts, which is a good marketing tactic. There is a kind of ‘buy one – get one for free’ flavor, where a ‘free’ part can be anything. Everybody loves free bonuses, gifts, and discounts. Not only a pack of coins but a bunch of other valuable items and resources for the same price? Tell me more!

Usually, such bundles are permanently available in the in-game shop. However, it’s a good idea to revise and change some content from time to time based on what product analytics tells you.

Of course, there are many options in terms of visual design. Should you show a value multiplier or not? Is it reasonable to add motivational labels such as ‘best offer’? How many additional consumables to put into a bundle? Combining multiple monetization features allows developers to make unique offers and check what design works best. 

How do game developers display such offers?

Let’s see how some well-known games have already implemented this feature.

Angry Birds Dream Blast

Angry Birds Dream Blast has two options to buy premium currency: as a simple pack of coins and as a bundle with lots of valuable consumables. It is a bit more expensive than a pack of 4000 coins alone. But, as a bundle, it provides a considerable discount. Players will spend consumables anyway, so why not sell them all together?

Merge Gardens

Here we can see a list of bundles with value multipliers and consumables shown as bonus items. In addition, developers use restrictions on the number of bundles available to make them look more exclusive and unique. However, there is no way to compare with packs containing only currency.

Words of Wonders

This is another excellent example of selling premium currency as a bundle with additional consumables. Although adding some highlights about value or discount would be appropriate here for navigating players around their choices.

Cookie Run

Here we can see a simple bundle with diamonds and rescue tickets. A bonus percentage is shown on top of each bundle, which helps to make a decision. The bonus value is calculated based on the amount of diamonds, which means tickets come for free.

Cooking Madness

These guys have created unique names for their bundles, keeping in mind the stage of the player journey where they would be most useful. 

How to set it up in Balancy?

Now it’s time to create offers with bundles in Balancy. It’s super easy and doesn’t require a video explainer, especially since you completed our previous tutorials.

Add all the bundles in the Store Items section:

Attach the bundles to the Store Slots: