#4 Free gifts in an in-game shop

Every successful free-to-play game usually has an in-game shop with various virtual goods players can buy. However, creating an in-game shop and filling it in with content is not enough. Similarly to a usual retail shop, the question is about traffic. How many people will regularly open it to buy something? How do owners promote new arrivals? 

How can gifts help?

There is a simple way to attract buyers and make them check the content of your shop every day (or even a few times per day)! So, what can it be? Just two words: free gifts. 

By presenting a gift that players can collect for free in your shop, you can drive a lot of attention to the rest of the content. Such a gift should be available not constantly but with a specific schedule (for example, every Friday or once a month), making it a reason for showing a notification on the shop’s icon. 

No player will resist tapping it to check out what’s new. While browsing through the shop to collect a gift, they will also see lots of other goods you sell. Some discounts here, some offers there, and, by the way, why not buy some hard currency? Visibility is a key to increasing sales.

This sounds like a great retention tactic as well. Occasional notifications from the game to get back for a small gift drives up the number of sessions, average session time, and day-to-day retention.

How do others implement such gifts?

Let’s see how some well-known games have already implemented such a feature.

Marvel Contest of Champions

Developers of this game give away some crystals for free daily, making it a player’s daily habit to open a shop.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

One of the bundles in the list is free. Players collect their gifts and keep browsing through other offers.

Mobile Legends Adventure

There is a Regular Packs section, which is divided into Daily, Weekly, and Monthly packs. In each section, they offer one free pack.

Final Fantasy BE: WOTV

Once per day, developers let the player restore energy for free and, in the meantime, show other special offers on the same page.

How to set it up in Balancy?

Can we offer gifts to players with the help of Balancy? For sure! Just take a minute and watch the following short video, and you will realize that you’re just a few clicks away from using this robust retention and monetization tool.