#2 First purchase bonus

You’ve probably heard about ‘starter packs’ and how they magically convert new players into first-time payers. Another effective tactic that can be used with a similar intention is called a ‘first purchase bonus’. 

Here we will define what this term means and spy a little on how other developers present such bonuses to players. Read this article until the end to learn how to add this highly effective tactic to your in-game shop – explained in our video tutorial.

What is a ‘first purchase bonus’ and why do you need it?

After buying a pack of hard currency for the first time, players get a significant amount of currency as a bonus. In many cases, they are given the same amount they’ve paid for, but for free. 

The bonus can be presented in different ways: ‘buy one pack and take an extra one for free’, ‘get double value for the same money’, or ‘receive a fixed amount of currency as a gift’. This way or another, players see that for the first purchase they will be given a much bigger value than it is originally meant. 

Since such an offer can work for each currency pack independently, developers often prepare a whole line of bonuses. After buying the cheapest pack, players can continue buying hard currency and, eventually, reach the highest price point (while having the bonus available every time they buy a more expensive pack). 

This way, the ‘first purchase bonus’ tactic does not only convert players into payers but also grows your average check, which is a pretty good metric as well! 

A thing to remember: ‘first purchase bonus’ is an offer without a time limit. Players can make a payment when it’s convenient for them. However, the offer is always in front of their eyes in your store, so it should not take a long time until they discover it and buy.

Examples of bonuses in successful games

Let’s see how a ‘first purchase bonus’ tactic has been implemented in some well-known games.

Genshin Impact

The developers of Genshin Impact don’t mark this bonus as available for the first purchase only. However, when you buy one of the packs, the bonus disappears.

Azur Lane

You can notice that the bonus is presented in two ways simultaneously. Firstly, it includes a mark about the first purchase with an amount of bonus currency. In addition, the ‘x2 bonus’ label makes it clear that you will get double the value for your money.

Mobile Legends Adventure

Similarly to Genshin Impact, there is no mention of the first purchase. It is simply presented as a ‘1+1’ bonus type.

Hero Wars

In the first pack of emeralds, we can see a note that it is a “1st-time purchase”. The bonus offered is quite big – х3.

Game of Thrones

The developers of this game use a “two for one” label and clearly state that this offer is valid only during the first purchase.

Tower of Fantasy

The text on the label says “first purchase gift”, and developers are ready to give away the double amount of tanium you’ve paid for.

How to set bonuses in Balancy

After watching all these cool examples, you may want to repeat them in your game. 

So, how can you implement a ‘first purchase bonus’ system in Balancy? Easy-peasy! Just watch the following short video and you will realize that you’re just a few minutes away from using this powerful monetization tool.